CrossFit Durham

Chapel Hill Quest Martial Arts


Experience sport massage in its truest form.

Randori has partnered with Next Level Perfromance and Wellness and conducts sessions at their CrossFit Durham clinic.

We are also available at Chapel Hill Quest Martial Arts

We offer a multi-modal approach to every session. After intake, assessment, and discussion we will apply the best blend of techniques for your individual needs. This may include any or all of the modalities

New Clients

Our office is a sport massage clinic in a very active gym. While privacy is always maintained, it is not a quiet space with soft music.

Movement is crucial to athletes therefore it is crucial to bodywork. Please bring sport clothing for your session: running shorts and sports bra/athletic tops are best for sessions. If you have any questions or concerns about apparel please don’t hesitate to ask.

Sessions and Pricing:

  • 30 Minute Session - $ 35.00
  • 60 Minute Session - $70.00
  • 90 Minute Session - $ 105.00
  • RockTape Taping Session - $15.00
  • We gladly accept cash, check, and all major credit cards. Gratuity is not expected; if you like our work, simply refer a friend.


    We are happy to serve those who serve our commuinty.

    If you would like an appointment outside of the listed times, please contact us to see if we can accommodate you.