Young, female athlete with chronic shoulder pain


Come visit us at our clinic in CrossFit Durham!

Sport Massage Therapist taking care of an athlete after mud run competiton

Team Care & Events

Randori will be onsite for you and your team's next event or throughout the season.

ancient style text of chinese acupressue

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Holistic bodywork to alleivate aches, pains, and more.

Who We Are

World Class Bodywork

Randori Bodywork brings you a unique blend of the best in Eastern and Western bodywork modalities. We use goal-oriented and results-driven massage to help you to be the best at what you do!

What We Do

Just a few benefits of our work

  • Increase movement and mobility
  • Decrease pain
  • Decrease injury recovery time

What People Are Saying

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    "This is the real McCoy!"

    Jerry H., CrossFit Athlete
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    "Magic Man!"

    Kristine O., Powerlifter
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    "...amazing therapy on my neck."

    Mark R, Martial Arts Instructor